F Scott fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote Typed on Typewriter

that he moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met, that all other men seemed pale beside him. Scott Fitzgerald ::::love the last part::::::


Not every girl wants to be in a relationship.or guy. Not every guy wants or needs to be in a relationship. In fact I don't really want one any time soon. Just saying, God would have to tell me directly if he wanted me to be with anyone ever again.

As simple as 1 2 3

It's really pretty simple requests :)~ Show Love~ I want to kno I*m not only on Ur mind when U wake but the Special 1 U choose 2 wake up with & rest next to;)~make me smile & do things jus because. Sweet Surprises keep life interesting!

stunning. would love to have a picture like this with my husband one day & hang it in my bathroom or somewhere private.

would love to have a picture like this with my husband one day whenever I get married & hang it in my bathroom or bedroom. I love couple photos that are so intimate

Love this picture!

Dog Humor: "I thought you were never ever ever ever coming home ever. SO I PANICKED"

So true...

Never apologize for having high standards, because people who really want to be in your life will rise to meet them. I have high standards.

OH EM GE~!!!!!!!

Robert Pattinson: yes I am guilty. If I was watching twilight. I was team Edward! Love him!


Love, Affection Attention should come naturally and freely from someone who genuinely wants to be with you.