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After Ever After - DISNEY Parody

Though i love disney movies this is too funny! This guy is so talented it's not even funny. Here he sings what happens to Ariel, Jasmine, Belle and Pocahontas after their Disney "happily ever after". After Ever After - DISNEY Parody

If you don't find Jim Carrey hilarious, I should probably check your pulse.

22 Dumb And Dumber Quotes You Should Still Be Using In Your Everyday Life--- I saw this last night. what kind of vibe is he trying to put out? (Really, though, the entire movie, I thought he was Matt Meese.

when I just transferred one patient and am told I'm getting the next admission and their on the phone with report

One has to pee. One is demanding pain meds, now. One is hypertensive. One is deteriorating. One just crapped everywhere. A doctor is rounding. A family is calling. A transporter is waiting. And pharmacy is on the phone.