Her sex-symbol image aside, Marilyn Monroe was an avid reader of 20th-century literature and was often photographed curling up with a book, as in this Peter Stackpole shot taken at her Hollywood home in 1953. see more: on.life.com/xC4MhA

Marilyn Monroe Reading at Home by Alfred Eisenstaedt. I love photos of MM in a natural state.not hamming it up.

Walt Disney reads to his grandson | Rare and beautiful celebrity photos (And don't you love he is wearing the Mouse Ears)

circa EXCLUSIVE American cartoonist and movie studio head, Walt Disney - wearing Mickey Mouse ears, reads his grandson a story from a children's book. His grandson stands at the edge of his crib. (Photo by Gene Lester/Getty Images)

Cher reading Peyton Place in the bathtub- from "Mermaids" (1990).

National Read in the Bathtub Day is February 2013 Cher reading Peyton Place in the bathtub- from "Mermaids"

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, 2001. Reading Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd's Goodnight Moon.  ALA Celebrity READ Campaign.

Musicians & READ Posters: A Visual Timeline

princess grace

Grace Kelly reads to her children. tracylord: Grace Kelly reads Alice in Wonderland to her children Albert and Caroline, 1961

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Read Poster for the American Library Association, reading The Old Man and The Sea, 1997

Lupita Nyong’o reads.

Perfect gift from my intuitive mother: my cousin Kwame Nyong'o's latest children's book about my favorite veg, kale/sukuma wiki. AND it matches my dress!