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an electric outlet is plugged into the wall with a power strip attached to it
Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet - FunSubstance
Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet
the yamaha headphones are connected to an external charger and earbud holder
The Best-Sounding Brass Instrument Tech Makes No Sound At All: Yamaha's Latest Silent Brass - CDM Create Digital Music
Yamaha developed a product called "Silent Brass" - a way of practicing your brass instrument using headphones. Early reviews are that this thing is 'eerily good.'
a close up of a broom on the ground near a wall with words below it
Revolutionary Beyond by Aerus Air and Surface Purification |
Vac pan for kitchen and bathrooms - built-in vacuum system
Titanium Utility Ring Bands, Bijoux, Jewellery Rings, Rings, Titanium Rings, Ringe, Man Ring, Rings For Men
Titanium Utility Ring
Titanium Utility Ring
two door knobs with the caption when this door is locked, the dorknobb disappears
I love creative designs and unusual ideas
a person is using a spiralizer to make noodles
GEFU Spirelli Spiral Slicer (13460)
Turns any veggie into spaghetti: zucchini, squash, carrots etc. has good reviews on amazon. Neat little kitchen gadget and great for lo carb living.
a man sitting at a desk pointing to the screen
BendDesk is a Workstation and Multitouch Computer in One | OhGizmo!
BendDesk is a Workstation and Multitouch Computer in One
a person driving a car with an electronic screen on the dashboard and steering wheel controls
CNET: Product reviews, advice, how-tos and the latest news
Parrot adds three more Android-Asteroids powered Touch-screen Stereos to its belt
a person standing next to a desk with a lamp on top of it and the word pinokio written in black
Pinokio - a lamp that is responsive to people. So fun!
a white cat is sitting next to a pencil
"Kastor" / Alessi
"Kastor" / Alessi on Behance - a beaver pencil sharpener paper weight that will go into production later this year.
two glasses with toothbrushes in them sit on a counter top next to a spoon
An Angel in the Morning - Yanko Design
Theres nothing quite like a steaming hot cup of coffee to start the workday- but its easy to neglect once you get wrapped up at your desk. The HALO heating spoon is a nifty little gadget thatll keep your drink piping hot as long as youd like. Intuitive controls and light/color signals make it super-easy to use. Just pop it in, switch on, and let it do the rest!
a person holding an iphone in their hand
Find Your Lost Stuff with Stick-N-Find | Incredible Things
Stick-N-Find is a small sticker that uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone. You can stick it to anything (keys, luggage, pets) and if it’s within a 100 foot range of your phone, it will show up on the Stick-N-Find app’s radar.
the belkin baby monitor is next to an outlet
Wemo - Smart Home Automation | Belkin
WeMo is a family of simple, ingenious products that allow you to control home electronics from anywhere. Turn them on or off, trigger them with motion, even put them on a schedule.
a bicycle parked on the side of a road with red and blue lights coming from it
Light Bright: This Bring Your Own Bike Lane May Just Save Some Lives
Xfire safety light projects two red lights along either side of the bike, creating a more literal bike lane.