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(9) We've all got that one friend... - Imgur

All dogs can have a job… even though some of them are more useful than others. They can talk is a fun comic that pictures various situations featuring animals that can talk. Here’s anot…

Batman thinks of everything... never forget that.

Batman thinks of everything. never forget that. This was a crazy funny episode (+some great tips on how to survuve a shark attack.

How do you identify your plants in the garden after you have planted the seed? I usually use Garden Markers to help me to know what plants are what.

Garden Markers DIY, Garden ideas, DIY Craft, Garden party or Garden wedding decor ideas, easy and popular ideas:

Infographic on the easiest herbs to grow indoors.

10 of the Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors Herbs Potted Up Nothing beats cooking with fresh herbs. The flavour cannot be compared to dry herbs,…

DIY Covered Greenhouse Garden:  A Removable Cover Solution to Protect Your Plants | Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Covered Greenhouse Garden Step-by-step covered greenhouse raised bed garden. this is perfect for starter crops, low growing crops, etc. Greenhouses are an excellent idea to protect your crops fro.

Beautiful garden path

Reuse an old tree to make a log pathway in your garden. Good use of "yard" trees and other wood that can't be milled; works much better in climates without termites. Good drainage under the log rounds will make the path last longer.