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A too small boy, riding a too big horse, in this place? Did his parents just not realize that a kid on his own with such a big horse could get hurt? I had to find out what the kid's story was,

This is a "life's best" kind of moment!

Just A Man, Sleeping With His Horse : Your Pet Hates You – Funny Animal Pictures And Videos

Dappled Sooty Buckskin Stallion.......beautiful!

What pretty colors this beautiful horse has. Dappled Sooty Buckskin Stallion - want ❤__❤

so pretty

Impressive Horse Mane Braids: These braids are not just pretty — they once served an important safety function. The latest beauty craze trending right now is all about horses sporting stunning and intricate braids.

I see no reason to leave this unpinned...

Man, what a sexy cowboy. I would love to ride that Cowboy just to save a horse!