Smart! A tent under a canopy. Additional space is used for living space.

A tent under a canopy. Additional space is used for living space.>>> This is really smart but I can't imagine bringing all of this stuff for camping.But would be nice if you had it set up already in your yard or for emergency living space.

Amazon $59.99

Looking For Camping Tips? Are you planning an exciting camping trip? Are you prepared to handle any curve balls while you are on your trip? Though camping is a relatively straightfo

PVC mounted under trailer with eavestrough that slide in & out, secret storage.

Hula Hut RV Mods and Changes: PVC Storage under frame ~ so smart and save valuable space in your storage areas!

Cooking in a little vintage trailer

In my previous post I mentioned that I purchased one of these Cook’s 3 in 1 Breakfast Center’s. While these are relatively small, my kitchen counter space in the Shasta Compact is small…

teardrop trailer

teardrop trailer with a neat pass through to the kitchen area. Would be better if there was a bug screen so it could be left open at night though. I like the magnetic containers on the shelf and the storage on the door.

Rediscover the open road with one of these four innovative campers.

4 Campers for Rediscovering the Open Road

Even our towable trailers are getting smart. With innovative aerodynamic designs, rugged suspension systems, and wide-open skylights, these four high-tech trailers are ready for the open road.

easy roll up portable table **I want one of these for the camper!** maybe make with 2 sized legs - one to prep on and one for the kids to eat at***

Make a Collapsable Table for Concerts in the Park!