When it comes to confidence, I think one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is accepting your body. It is a struggle that I’ve heard women talk about for as long as I can remember.

jewel tones

Hosiery lovers might well recall this photo used by Gerbe Paris to promote their brightly colored Futura 40 tights. Seeing a different color on each leg, with two different colored peep-toe toe pum…

Do no harm, Take no shit Enamel Pin Do no harm, Take no shit Enamel Pin ♡ Pin measures x x ♡ Nickel plated and ver.

NOPE // Lapel pin badge of lettering in blue with gold outlines by Ghost Goods Happy Feels Co.

Kena // “Handmade macrame bags by lovely Kkibo are now available in the Venice shop ✨”


Summer Look Picture Description Dark Autumn could do great things for her eye colour wearing this.

Milan Fashion Week Street Style by TinyCarmen- if only I could pull colors together like this