Classroom Math

Classroom Math

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Could be adapted into a collage game with pre-cut shapes of various colors and sizes. Kids would place the shapes first, rolling the die a specified number of times, then rearrange if desired before gluing them down.

2D Shape resources - Resources - TES

I love this freebie... grab and graph sorting mats! I can use these as an early finisher option.

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Building and exploring with magnetic tiles and glow sticks

Magnetic Tiles and Glow Sticks - Fun-A-Day!

Fish & bubbles counting

To the Lesson!: The Pay-Off

Number Writing Activity. Salt Tray Game. Great idea for kids to practice number recognition and subitising skills.

Number Writing Activity. Salt Tray Game.

A simple invitation to play with pattern blocks - plus lots of ideas, activities and resources for pattern block play

Pattern Blocks - 20 ideas activities & free printables

Math Center Games with PDFs of sheets to go with them. FANTASTIC site! Saved a lot of time , and easy instructions - Shari Sloane - Educational Consultant

5 Little Bunnies Subtraction Shared Reading and Finger Puppets from lilcountrykinderg...

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Big collection of dice games for preschoolers!

Dice Games for Preschoolers - The Measured Mom

Awesome Measurement Teaching Ideas.

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Subitizing - partner activity; Love it! Step by step to make a station game. FREE

Differentiation Station Creations: Bright Ideas Math Blog Hop

measuring with Jan Brett's "The Mitten"

Golden Gang Kindergarten: Math

20 fun ways to teach kids how to count.

Simple Counting For Preschoolers

A Game of Number Identification and Color Recognition

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This is a fun activity to explore the science of balance and weight in the classroom. Have the students use the classroom balance scales to see how much items from their pencil boxes weigh. Does it weigh 1 bear, 2 bears, 3 bears, or more? Your students will have fun weighing their school supplies and recording their data!

Science - Using a Balance Scale... How Many Bears Does It Weigh?

Reindeer face lollypops

Reindeer Chuppa Chups | Festive Fun - Brisbane Kids

Kindergarten Yahtzee - This game is so funny to see how excited the kids get. All they have to do is roll 2 dice and cross out the sum. They keep going until they have crossed out all of the numbers. They learn the hard way how hard it is to roll a 2 or a 12! - Shari Sloane - Educational Consultant

Exploring shapes on the table by Teach Preschool. I plan to do this on a baking sheet or tray so that is portable.

Exploring our shapes with blocks on the table top

Building Shapes...good Math Tub idea

A, Bee, C, Preschool: Search results for building shapes

Number Writing Activity-Salt Tray Game. What a fun way for kids to learn numbers and their value!

Number Writing Activity. Salt Tray Game.

Quick and easy ways to add more subitizing to your classroom routines.

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Exploring measurement in preschool by Teach Preschool

Exploring measurement in preschool | Teach Preschool

math center?

Indulgy - Everyone deserves a perfect world!

math centers!

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Toss a beanbag on a number on the snowman, kids make it in the 10 frame with snowflakes

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