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Fun Obstacle course in Physical education - YouTube

I added it to this weeks " Ninja training courses"! I can use it with all of my students in grades Pre-K thr.

Student Presentation Rubric  This rubric was created for students who will be evaluating other students during their presentation.  Students check the most appropriate box then add totals.   The categories include:  CONTENT Topic is appropriate Information is clear Information is correct  PRESENTATION Organization - Intro, Body, and Conclusion Presenter does not read Voice volume Maintains focus on subject Graphic/ PowerPoint quality Eye contact w/ students Speaks clearly  Students will add…

Presentation Rubric This is a simple presentation rubric that the teacher can evaluate the students on: Content - focused and appropriate topi.

“Eyes Up, Hands-Up” is a great action- packed game that involves plenty of throwing and catching skills as well as teamwork! The objective of this game is to get as many balls in the barrel as you can before the time limit is up.

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