cake shot

Boozy Birthday Cake Shots -- Mix together : cake flavored vodka, 1 tsp white cake mix, oz chocolate liqueur, oz half half -- Top with: Whipped cream with Sprinkles on top -- serve in shooters or shot glasses

True friends

Love true to my life. Sometimes those farthest away make us remember what true friendship is all about ;) I'm so lucky to have friends like this in my life :)

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Friendships must be built on a solid foundation of alcohol, inappropriateness, and shenanigans.

Flower-Arranging Ideas

Springtime Flower-Arranging Party

Wish me luck in the Olympics. Just kidding. I'm on my fourth cupcake. LOL - Get your FREE ebook on 10 Simple Hacks To Naturally Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

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Colorful Celebration - Wedding Confetti

Confetti Balloons: Colorful confetti-filled balloons at the party venue, Confetti Studio. Source: Kiki's List or glitter.LOTS of glitter.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cones-what a great idea! Especially for my kid who won't eat ice cream but likes cake!