Steampunk biker skull Grin Half  Mask by SkinzNhydez on Etsy, $210.00

Need a mask for your bike? How about this steampunk skull half mask? Pros - looks cool Cons - you’re off to a bad start if you’.

Bruce D.  Mitchell

A face out of Classical Mythology. But with goggles. Made from Epoxy clay and yeah, Sun glass lenses. First shown at Strychnin Gallery,.

Image will be used in lesson 4, "My Culture's Influence on My Identity," as an example of 2D and 3D decorative ideas for students' identity masks.

Image will be used in lesson "My Culture's Influence on My Identity," as an example of and decorative ideas for students' identity masks.

Grim Stitch Factory | Church of Halloween

At the Grim Stitch Factory the rural tradition and folklore of the scarecrow is the sole inspiration behind every stitch of twine I pull through fabric;

The Halloween celebration is just around the corner and among sweets, costumes and pure enthusiasm the decor that we prepare today is the one that spooks the pedestrian tomorrow. Simple DIY decorations can be extraordinary efficient and inexpensive if handled right and one extraordinary support for them is the neighboring greenery. Enchanting and spooky waysRead more

One plastic dollar store mask base, glue on branches and leaves Link is missing. But this should be pretty easy to figure out.

Beard Trophy Mask

Epic Armoury’s Beard Trophy Mask is a latex face mask designed to look like the wooden face of a druid or wood nymph. Made from natural latex, this mask covers the whole face with roomy holes around the eyes, nostrils, and mouth for

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Death /bone/ by SatanaelArt on Etsy

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Handmade & paint fiberglass mask. With first layer of gelcoat for more strength of the mask. And 3 layers of fiberglass.