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Joanna Acosta
Joanna Acosta
Joanna Acosta

Joanna Acosta

So true or maybe $200

We always talk about running away with each other.... It would be perfect. Honestly. Just us two, no one else to worry about. We'll be together soon though. Definitely worth the wait ♥

Travel quote; you will simply love! Let's skim through the powerful #waves of ocean and #travel all around the world.

Two great words used together to makeshift another way of saying adventure....

"where ever we are together" is a perfect reminder. :) Home can be a Queen Anne Tower house, or an Airstream trailer it really doesnt matter ... "Wherever we are together, that is home." ~ Jessica Rose from VOL25, Washington, USA

Everything I've never done, I want to do with you. And will wait to do with you. ♥

without struggle, there is no progress +++Visit www.quotesarelife... for more quotes on #life and #positivity

Foam Roller Exercise Guide. I need this for my lower back and hips.