Gerard Butler

GERARD BUTLER, this man is so unbelievably sexy, he really makes feel like saying ome inappropriate things!

Elvis helping Johnny Cash with his hair

Elvis helping Johnny Cash with his hair - Iconic! this is said to be Elvis helping Johnny Cash with his hair. when in fact it is Elvis's first cousin Gene Smith

Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellan (Gandalf in Lord of the Rings) at 72 Hes one of my favorite actors because spite the fact hes famous hes so down to earth!

Aging like a boss…

Funny pictures about Aging like a boss. Oh, and cool pics about Aging like a boss. Also, Aging like a boss.

Cher and Mom

Lifetime will premiere the documentary 'Dear Mom, Love Cher,' revealing the extraordinary life story and perseverance of Cher's mother, Georgia Holt.


Fine Art Portraits like to go to the other extreme. Portraits of older actors, and most notably Clint Eastwood, have portraits taken in black and white which accentuate the lines and blemishes and harsh effects of being alive for a long time.

The Proust Smackdown: Three Kings and a Questionnaire- Clooney

Clooney, Craig, and Damon: The Three-Way Proust Questionnaire