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Cubee - Homer Simpson by on @deviantART

Custom Simpsons and a few Futurama Cubee Cut out templates of paper figures i've made. All my Custom Simpsons and Futurama Cubeecraft fan art designs are based on Characters from the animated telev.


A Gallery of Bohemian Bedrooms - If you love the bohemian look — or you're just looking to add a little color or texture or pattern to your sleeping space — you'll find plenty of inspiration in this set of ten eclectic bedrooms.

Print out pictures and put them all over the wall. You can also arrange them in a pattern (heart, star etc.)

Pictures of everyone you miss while at college in your dorm! It'd be great to take these pictures at your high school graduation party,

Christmas cake pops

PEPPERMINT BROWNIE POPS Another Starbucks hack - delicious chocolate peppermint cake centre, covered in white chocolate and candy cane bits. I cheated and made a chocolate cake instead of brownie, but with the frosting it’s got the same fudgy-ness.

Metabolism Boosting Foods. #1 Cocoa, what do you know.... thats what Choffy is made out of. mmm.....

weight losing, green tea weight loss pills, losing abdominal fat - Check out these foods that have been shown to boost metabolism. Help your own metabolism by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, every 3 hours is idea.