Blue is the Colour of the Clear Sky and the Deep Sea. On the Optical Spectrum, Blue is Located Between Violet and Green. There are Many Variations of Blue, from the Violet-Blue Indigo, to the Dark Blue Shades of Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Navy Blue, and Prussian Blue; to Lighter Blues; Sky Blue, Azure, Cerulean Blue, and Egyptian Blue. Cyan, or Aqua, is the Colour Midway in the Spectrum Between Blue and Green. Other Blue-Greens Include Turquoise, Teal, and Aquamarine.
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Available at, Arunashi's white gold ring features a total of 29ct of inverted tanzanite stones scattered amongst 4.36ct of diamonds.

Fantastic Princess Cut Natural Ceylon Sapphires Ring Diamonds Engagement Ring 14K White Gold Wedding Ring/ Promise Ring/ Anniversary Ring

Sharon Johnstone


blue dance

*Starlets by *winona-heart


Pretty little flower. Feeling Blue (by the_original_funkytoast er)

Possibly incorporate some of this cobalt blue? More

the power of the flower

Flower and butterfly

Amazing color...

Aren't blue butterflies like a gift from the gods? So ethereal and lovely. Makes one feel happy just looking at them.

moon and stars

Blue moon.

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Saint Cecil Cathedral, Albi, France

❥ London Blue Topaz Ring

❥ Peacock Ring - WOW!


beautiful peacock!

Blue Sparkles~

Biblioteca di Admont, Austria

Peacock = gorgeous