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Tribal Southwestern Aztec Scarf Spring Summer Women Accessory Gift For Her Woman Fashion Holiday Perfect Gifts Ideas For Her Him

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Easy Tips for Growing Lavender

Designing, taking photos, travelling, dreaming. Illusory correlations. Dreaming.......eating, living... dancing. Wasting time, escaping.... Always dreaming! + Art, interior decor, architecture, music, and of course beautiful clothes. Cognitive bias!...

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Row of purple chairs inspiring you to spray your chairs with the new Amy Howard At Home purple lacquer colors

A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. As the materials collapse under its own weight, massive stars may form in the center and their UV radiation ionizes the surrounding gas, making it visible as optical wavelengths. | THE UT.LAB | Gets inspiration from Astronomy *

We are here to love but not to lose ourselves completely in love. Even in long term relationships, it’s important to practice letting go and taking time out to honor yourself..