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Make a pair of sparkly red shoes for an easy Halloween costume accessory

Crafts After College: Dorothy's Shoes

Easy Homemade Jellyfish Costumes ... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Easy Homemade Jellyfish Costumes


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  • Janice Carroll-Willrich
    Janice Carroll-Willrich


  • Lisa Dickens
    Lisa Dickens

    oh I so want to do this!!!

  • Jennifer Newfield
    Jennifer Newfield

    So cute!

  • Susan Pine
    Susan Pine

    If only I had children. I love this.

  • Christie Bascom
    Christie Bascom

    @ Sheri Miller

Penguin tutu/ other new tutu ideas.

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  • catherine anderson
    catherine anderson

    so cute! this one gave me a good giggle!

  • Kristina Ambrosius
    Kristina Ambrosius

    LOVE IT!

#diy #Halloween #costumes; Cotton Candy - and other homemade costumes. #CottonCandy

Cotton Candy Costume

Rainbow Costume

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  • Melina K. M. Pagliuzza
    Melina K. M. Pagliuzza

    Jenn Rosado you may want to look at this board! :)

  • Julie Lauletta
    Julie Lauletta

    Very cute, thanks for sharing.

Starbucks Cup Halloween Costume Will Fit 2yr by studiothreeeleven

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  • Mitzi Burleson
    Mitzi Burleson

    I want one!


    I want one...

  • Jenn Mccandless-Stout
    Jenn Mccandless-Stout

    This would be awesome

  • Kelley Kershner-Culp
    Kelley Kershner-Culp

    I want to be this for Halloween!

  • Stacy Kurian
    Stacy Kurian

    Is this still available?

Kids Costume Childrens Costume Halloween Costume by TatersPlace

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DIY Fully Operational OPERATION Halloween Costume #DIY #costume #halloween

OPERATION - The Halloween Costume: TAKE 3

DIY Working iPod Costume #DIY #costume #halloween

Create Real working iPod Costume(s)

How to make a Rubiks Cube costume #halloween #costume #diy

How to make a rubiks cube costume.

Mac & cheese out of toilet paper rolls

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DIY Craft Stormtrooper helmet {whoa!}

Stormtrooper Helmet Created Entirely Out Of A Milk Jug
  • Cassandra Rostek
    Cassandra Rostek

    @barb Krueger ck would love this!

  • Katherine Wall
    Katherine Wall

    this is awesome!!!

  • Kate Scragg
    Kate Scragg

    that is great! unfortunately milk bottles aren't that shape in the UK!! :(

DIY Craft Stormtrooper helmet {whoa!}

Stormtrooper Helmet Created Entirely Out Of A Milk Jug


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I Love Lucy. (How funny is this little girl?!)

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  • Kathy Latimer
    Kathy Latimer

    Totally bang on Lucy!

  • Peggy Theim
    Peggy Theim

    How cute is this?

  • Stephanie Herrnreiter
    Stephanie Herrnreiter

    OMG! That is soooo cute!

  • Opalima

    Too cute!

  • Lynn Kennedy
    Lynn Kennedy

    Love it!

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Homemade costume idea

The Most Unique Costume Idea
  • Walt Less
    Walt Less


Halloween little ghost

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  • Joanne Starr
    Joanne Starr

    @Courtney - Cute idea for Charlie.

diy owl costume

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  • Patti Schleicher
    Patti Schleicher


  • Sonya Hayes
    Sonya Hayes

    thought of you Cassie Jenkins!

Infant/Toddlers’ Lil Monster Costume. Includes jumpsuit, hood, and booties. #Halloween #Monster #Costume

Infant/Toddler Lil' Monster Costume

Babies and Tutus!

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Halloween Costumes

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White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

The Weisse Guys: wonderland