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    4th grade - Reading - Inference

    4th grade - Reading - Inference

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    {INFERENCE GAME CARDS} In state assessments, students are asked to infer what a character is like based on what they say, their gestures, and how they interact with other characters. Many students have difficulty with these inferences. This game teaches students how to analyze and infer by playing a fun game. The passages mirror the writing techniques used by writers in novels and assessments to give students authentic inference practice. Plus, it includes an easy-fold box! $4

    Inference: Character Playing Cards

    Inferencing Game - "Shoots and Ladders" Fun!!!!!!!!

    Inferencing Game - "Shoots and Ladders"

    One Man Band Pixar Studios EXCELLENT short film to teach inferring.

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    Testing Review Toolkits.

    The ESOL Odyssey: Strategy of the Week

    Inference-This is an awesome Pixar short for reinforcing or introducing the skill of inference. allow students to watch the entire film (5 minutes) then replay it, stopping to ask inference questions.

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    One Man Band Pixar Studios EXCELLENT short film to teach inferring.

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    Inference Bags

    The Blog: Inference Bags!

    Making Inferences: A Fun and Easy Way to Understand and Practice Implied Meaning

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    Free inference cards!

    Fabulous in First: Miscellaneous Monday

    Inferencing Home Bags

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    Who is Knocking at my door? A LUCKY Freebie for Inferring!

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    Inferences on a character

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    Inferring- The Stranger

    Reading Is Thinking: More on The Stranger

    Making inferences

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    Inference Activities - Have Fun Teaching

    Great lesson for teaching inference

    Reading Is Thinking: Inference lesson/poetry

    Free Inferences Worksheets, Making Inferences Worksheets, Inference Activities, Inference Printables

    Inferences Worksheets - Have Fun Teaching


    Hello Literacy: inferencing

    Inferencing Using Picture Prompts

    Classroom Freebies Too: Inferencing Using Picture Prompts


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    poem for teaching inferencing

    Reading Is Thinking: Inference lesson/poetry

    Inferences using comics

    Speech Room News: Using Comics for Inferences

    Teaching flashbacks

    Reading Is Thinking: Teaching about flashbacks

    Cutest video ever. Making Inferences (Video for kids by kids)

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    Inferencing in just 1 minute

    Inference Riddle Game by Phil and David Tulga