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    Crochet with Jo-Ann

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    This ridged crochet hat would be a great gift for a friend or family member! | Get the FREE PATTERN here!!

    Ridged Crochet Hat - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Free Granny Square Scarf pattern from Jo-Ann | DIY gift ideas

    Granny Square Scarf - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    DIY Zephyr Shawl | Quick and easy FREE tutorial on how to crochet the perfect shawl for fall season.

    Zephyr Shawl - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Petrona Crochet Poncho

    Petrona Poncho - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Scarfie Pero Poncho // Crochet Scarf

    Scarfie Pero Poncho - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Giant Granny Blanket - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Pom Beret - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Crochet a versatile fall scarf to match any outfit | Free tutorial | Uplands Big Scarf

    Uplands Big Scarf - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Rainbow Classic Crochet Scarf

    Rainbow Classic Scarf - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Shifting Sands Crochet Zigzag Blanket

    Shifting Sands Zigzag Blanket - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Yo-Yo Crochet Scarf

    Yo-Yo Scarf - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Crochet and Knitting Guide

    Tips & Tricks | Jo-Ann

    Happy #Scarfie - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    All That Glitters Crochet Cowl

    All That Glitters Cowl - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

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    Oversized Popover Top - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

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    Breezy Scarf - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    5 1/2 Hour 2 Strand Afghan

    5 1/2 Hour 2 Strand Afghan - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Baby Love Booties

    Baby Love Booties - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Urban Shadows Hat

    Urban Shadows Hat - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    One Ball Crochet Scarfie

    One Ball Crochet Scarfie - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Date Night

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    Duo Tone Throw

    Duo Tone Throw - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Scallop Lace Scarf

    Scallop Lace Scarf - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Effortless Hat and Cowl

    Effortless Hat and Cowl - JoAnn | Jo-Ann

    Brunch with Friends

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