I actually cried watching this!!

WATCH: Teen's Hilarious Comments To Parents After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

"don't spend to much money. we need to save our money for the great depression or something!" lol wisdom teeth videos are so funny! This is awesome.


Hogwarts houses by hugs. I may be a Hufflepuff, but you are not getting a hug. I don't do hugs.// I'm a Ravenclaw, so hug me or be told facts about the world wars.


Beauty and the Bookshelf

While watching Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," most little girls wanted to marry the prince.I wanted the library. Its so true! I used to talk about it all the time as a kid.

hahaha I cannot handle this.

Kid Saves Fish From Drowning

Aww hahaha poor fish but this girl is so cute. Haha I feel so bad for her and the fish.

Mind. Blown.

I knew the 101 Dalmatians one but those other ones, I had no idea about the others. I absolutely love it lol

Official worship hand signals :)

Tim Hawkins how to raise your hands in worship. I totally go to a hand raising church.where a woman has only one hand up, fairly close to her body, with her fingers slightly splayed? "Get the goo off my hand"

Bridesmaids Quotes, megan- easily the best!

Melissa McCarthy-Bridesmaids Seriously, she makes me laugh so hard. I love her!

New Girl♥ in love with this show!

Schmidt on New Girl - "Thumb ring bitch! You got some Schmidt on your face!

This website has EVERY EPISODE OF WHO'S LINE IS IT ANYWAY! Definitely using this!

Whose line is it anyways? Online episodes I am incredibly happy right now to have found this.

love modern family.

Modern Family - Phil under pressure! He's so cute! Lol so funny! Totally a good decision!


Funny Sports Ecard: She asked me to tell her three words every girl wants to here, so I whispered 'Go Pack Go!

A very potter musical hilarious!! On YouTube!! Love it!

“Or it could be hidden somewhere around the mundane British countryside and our search could entail months of depressing camping, breaking into gringotts, and drinking boatloads of polyjuice potion.