Vintage engagement photo.

Orange Grove Engagement Photos: Leah + Jakeh

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When taking photos of precious moments with your children, look for opportunities to capture little things like this. Sometimes body language is just as cute as a headshot. Daddy and Toddler's feet

Baby Christmas Photos mother and baby photo Baby's first Christmas Cute baby picture idea, except I'm not sure I'd want to put my one-year-o.

so sweet

Calm Kids: Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities, Lorraine E Murray

Love the colors and emotion ...

Intimate St. Louis Wedding from Hawes Photography

Centrar o seu relacionamento no amor de Deus pode ser a chave para fazê-lo durar para sempre. Declare o seu amor a Deus e ao seu parceiro com lindas frases.

I just want to sleep with you, not like have sex either but the cute kind. My head on your chest, snuggling under a blanket. Talk about the future and fall asleep in your arms.

because one or the other crawls in bed every morning. It would be nice to have a picture of the moment to remember, when they don't anymore.