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DIY Reggio Style Acrylic Painting Stand ... auction project?

Circle project, quarter into 4 and mix it up! #artsed #arted

dip a cup or toilet paper roll in paint and make circles on a piece of paper then paint however you like!

Nature self portraits by children

Pendulum painting. We've done this, but never with such great results! Anyone have a favorite tip or trick?

The Children's Art Group: Meetup 33: Flower Painting

Talking about Clay- Under 3 Roofs ≈ ≈

Painted twigs from the playground. For more Reggio Inspired pins: ≈ ≈

Pinner said: wow- had no idea this was possible. Draw on sandpaper with crayolas, iron the image on to a t-shirt

The Best Part of Me... Writing Activity!!!! Great Way to get to know your students and for them to know themselves!!!

Class Auction? hands - put quote in middle: "Hands down these are the best moments, days, years I can remember." Recommending as a cool class project for our school auction!

Recording children's words and creating amazing documentation.


Pick a flower or plant and lay on top of a small piece of clay and use a rolling pin to make an imprint in the clay.

Clay Smooshing- an easy toddler art technique (great for fine motor)!

Spaghetti Brushes with an optional sensory element for those that are not into the fun of messy yet- here's a way to participate in spag. painting

Another beautiful weaving idea

Free-form Chinese calligraphy scrolls to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Teacher gift or auction project