Jociee Well

Jociee Well

gold coast / Love the walking dead especially daryl the vampire diaries ncis drawing the hunger games the mortal intstruments paris cosplaying and alot more
Jociee Well
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Voice of Nature - martabevacquaphotos:   marta bevacqua photography

Spring in ethereal light rises from the earth… she comes in sacred incandescence to swallow the darkness of winter… her roots in madness quaking and stirring beneath the soil as she renews all life with her touch… (marta bevacqua photography).

Photograph Burn the witches by Valeria  Chorozidi #photography #portrait #dark

The princess gathering more nettles for weaving her brothers' shirts in The Six Swans (credit Valeria Chorozidi Photography)

Everything. Everything she believed was unraveling before her. Smoke and mirrors, abra cadabra, poof.

Jackie's Book of Fire. This book is filled dark magic. Jackie is still learning how to control her powers and how to contain them within spells. She doesn't really pick up this book because it could turn her into a Dark Witch.

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- Kindred Spirits Dragon Greeting Card - Elf Maiden with Dragon Card - Blank Inside. - With a dragon symbol sketched on the inside flap. - Beautiful Artwork by UK Artist Anne Stokes - printed in the U