Dry wood with hanging jars filled with candles. Love this look!

Hang a branch with fishing line from ceiling. Then hang different lanterns from the branch. Shouldn't the table be centered under the branch so people don't hit their heads on lanterns/whatever?

love these floors... already distressed and should look even better with time!

I love tall ceilings, big windows, crown molding, wood floors and light/airy rooms like this. Makes you feel like daydreaming or reading a good book.

Revolving Bookcase

Revolving Bookcase, Great for Storage and Space Saving in Small Rooms. - Love this for almost any room of the house.

My DIY Projects: DIY Butterfly Interior Decor

DIY: Butterfly Interior home design room design decorating before and after interior design 2012 house design

My DIY Projects: Make your home stylish from the floor to ceiling with a freshly painted feeling!

DIY~ Ombre paint project~ Make your home stylish from the floor to ceiling with a freshly painted ombré wall.

Bubble baths for days...

Circle stone tub in a cozy cabin. - Love this tub. I'd like some shelving on the sides (or a place for the towels) and a waterfall shower head in the center?

More ideas
modern cat wall climbing with instruction photos | mille makes...

Cat Climbing Tree (Mille Makes), with link to construction pictures and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

ponsapparaat en gekleurd papier, en dan mooi figuur op schildersdoek

Pink Ombre Butterfly Heart/ Butterfly Wall Art - easy to make this a DIY project. Cut little tiny butterflies in ombre colors and glue in the shape of a heart. SInce I love butterflies I WILL do this

Als ik tijd over heb! Voor op de zoldertrap :)

Cat play rooms full of kitten toys, cat trees and cat wall shelves. all the diy cat stuff a "Crazy Cat Lady" and his/her feline friends could ever want.

Made of scrap wood and recycled materials.

Make Your Own Cat Trees, Towers, and Other Structures

AWESOME homemade cat scratcher tree, made from scrap wood and recycled stuff! And my favorite part is, this whole thing securely attaches to the wall, so they can roughhouse as much as they want. Now I just need a new cat.

How about an indoor cat tree from an actual tree?

I love this cat tree. Check out the kitty portal through the top of the wall. I like the cozy kitty cottage vibe of this setup. I thought this was a book shelf. Love it as a cat stand also.

tree style door, with stained glass by StarMeKitten

A carved tree door with stained glass by Belphegor, Lance Jordan Creations

Piękne dekoracje z motyli! Zrób to sama!

Piękne dekoracje z motyli! Zrób to sama!

I want the butterfly mobile DIY Butterfly Pattern Wall Decor.lovely ♥ with templates for various butterfly shapes

Super cool wall-mounted cat house! Second Hope Circle helps special needs pets in Ontario find homes through promotion, education and funding!


wall-mounted cat house - ‘Catissa’ is a wall-mounted cat house that provides a private space for your pet to run and play. Cats are curious creatures, which mea.