So true! I tell my daughter all the time, that I alone cannot make her happy. She has to be happy to begin with, All I can do is contribute to her happiness. 'No one' can make you happy, no 'thing' can make you happy- you make you happy.

Baby, your past doesn't exist the way you remember it. Please let go of the hurtful, abusers from your past. Run forward into the living future with me. Or tiptoe if you must. Either way, you can and will be healed and you will NEVER be broken again. ILY.

This is exactly how I feel about makeup and hair. People think I'm silly for playing with makeup. It's my art I'm practicing in order to improve my skills. I hope to one day be able to make other people feel beautiful. This is my passion. 💇💅👰💄💋💗