Since our mum invented weaving all children of Athena are naturally good at weaving, knitting and sewing.

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Weaving techniques that might be helpful (not for card weaving but for weaving where the warp threads are spaced further apart. This board is very useful for details about weaving. (For stories about Peruvian children and adults weaving

garden loom! the kids would love weaving all kinds of grasses and flowers together! :)

Garden loom: Kids can try weaving all kinds of grasses and flowers together. Would be fun in a library garden where some un-mown areas are close at hand. This would be fun at Camp

Yarn Craft Tipi -- great weaving craft for older kids!

Yarn Craft Teepee

Grab yourself some sticks, yarn and cardboard, glue gun and make this wonderful Yarn Craft Teepee, Tea Light Holder. Should you appreciate arts and crafts a person will enjoy this info!

A Madagascar weaving craft introduces kids to the island nation.

Madagascar Weaving Craft for Kids

Need excellent suggestions about arts and crafts? Head out to this fantastic website!

Helpful tips for weaving leaves (especially Flax)

Social Selling Is Just A Buzzword For These Three Activities and Think of your network as woven strands that together develop strength.