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4 Ab Attacking Medicine Ball Workouts for the Mommy Pouch

Diary of a Fit Mommy: 4 Ab Attacking Medicine Ball Workouts

"Top 10 Ways to Lose Belly Fat". Coconut oil is interesting but as a general rule, diversity is important for your diet and for your health in general, so alternate with other "good oils" like high-quality (and preferably organic) olive oil, grape seed oil, etc..

Top 10 ways to lose belly fat

The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout

Core work

Pump up your run with this country playlist!


Ninja Core Workout - Vaulter Fit

Here's how it works: You do 15 repetitions of the kettlebell swing (you can also use a dumbbell for this), followed immediately by 15 reps of the squat thrust. (See below for descriptions of both exercises.) Then, without resting, do another 14 reps of the swing and another 14 reps of the squat thrust. Continue this pattern until you complete only one rep of each exercise. This is called a countdown workout.

Lose Your Belly with Just Two Exercise Moves

Inner Thigh Workout: 5 Ballet-Based Moves to Tone and Tighten

Inner Thigh Workout: Ballet-Inspired Moves | YouBeauty

10 Minute Total Abs #Workout on Tone- - 20 moves in 10 minutes for 1 killer workout!

Slim Down with the Walk Run Plan #walk #run #fitnessprogram

Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan

Flat-Belly Workout: Cardio and Crunchless Abs

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Limited-Edition Stand-Up Paddleboard, Kai Malo'o

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ball workout

18 Moves to Terrifically Toned Inner Thighs | Workout

18 Moves to Terrifically Toned Inner Thighs | Workout

Exercise ball

Shrink Your Belly In 14 Days

AMRAP Quickies Workout -- three 5-minute AMRAPs targeting different muscle groups with jump roping intervals in between

AMRAP Quickies Workout

Seven Best Moves To Sculpt Your Thighs | Workout

15-Minute Core Workout to Tone and Tighten

5 workouts for the first-time runner

Best Abdominal Exercises For Women - UPPER ABS - Crunches on Exercise Ball (25 reps) Pilates 100 (10 sets of 10 arm pumps) Elbow Plank (Hold for 30 to 60 seconds) OBLIQUES - Bicycle Crunches (10 sets) Seated Russian Twist (16 full rotations) Twisting Side Plank (8 reps, each side) LOWER ABS - Reverse Curl (20 reps) Captains Chair (15 to 20 reps) Resistance Band Flutter Kicks (10 to 15 sets) workout

♛ Six Pack Abs Core Strength Workout Routine for Men & Women – Want to get that perfect six pack? Try this comprehensive abdominal gym workout routine that will hit your upper and lower abs as well as obliques for a perfectly toned core.

If you want pancake-flat, carved-up lower abs and a razor-sharp V-cut, consider The Lower Abs Trifecta your little secret weapon. Comprised of 3 different ab exercises back-to-back, it'll absolutely demolish your lower abs and leave you sore for days. That's exactly what we want -- hyperaccelerated growth.

It's the new year, why not pin a work out...I juuuuust might do it. HA!