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my neck, my back, my setflix and my snacks!

My Neck My Back

It's true!

My biggest fear while driving…

I can't adult today, please don't make me adult!

I Can't Adult Today


InFear of Heaven - Home

Amazing how important self-confidence is...(if you're not quite there~fake it 'til you make it!)

What's The Word, Bird - The Glamorous Housewife

Love sweatshirt

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Love Modern Family!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 47 Pics

Hello Wine. Goodbye Problems. Women's Hooded Sweatshirt #LOL #hoodie

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Nonstick Kebob Baskets!!

Home page | zulily


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True life conversation between Stone and Mackenna! lol

Community Post: Listen Janet, I Just Can't Do It Anymore.

Instead of talking shit behind my back, be tough enough and say it to my face.

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  • Lyndsey Snyder
    Lyndsey Snyder

    Kelli Stricker PREACH

Careful. If they talk shit about everyone else, chances are they talk shit about you, too.

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This award goes to you. U don't care u moved on yet u worry about what I pin and then talk shit pinning something I just pinned about ur beyond full of shit u look like it and have the marks to prove it. Everything u accuse me of is what u do so take a good look at urself before u talk shit about me

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Oh? They were talking shit about me again? Let me file that right between #IDontCare and #JealousMuch?!

Emma Alexander (emma77) on Twitter

Bake crispy chicken with almonds instead of flour or breadcrumbs. | 27 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier

27 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier

HAHA! So true.

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Whenever I delete an app on my iPhone, the shaking icons make me feel that they're panicked over who's getting cut from the team.

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Ummmm, uhhhhh.....dying

Source: Instagram user shanirhoda | POPSUGAR Fitness

This was back in the good seasons! I wish this show didn't get so weird. Oh, and Andy.... I LOVE YOU!

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Lafayette and Sookie - "You see anything?" Baaahaha I laughed way too hard.

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But's amazing how quick a house can be cleaned when you know someone is coming over.

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I know! It aggrivates me! Whenever someone comes over, I ask them what our house smells like, because I want to know so badly... | See more about cleaning humor, house smells and houses.

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