lag makes us violent, stop blaming the games and fix the lagging. gamers everywhere will stop being so angry.

Let everyone know you live by a certain creed as you maintain your strict gym regiment while working out in this video game nerd fitness design that says "Training To Be An Assassin".<<<i'm totally going to wear this whenever i workout XD


How to make armor from foam floor mats. These would be pretty thick, but would be good for armor that needs to look thick or have details carved into it. It could also be used in times of emergency.

Skyrim Video Game Funny Nerd Gamer Shirt S, M, L, XL.  via Etsy.

Skyrim Video Game Funny Nerd Gamer Shirt S, M, L, XL. via Etsy. I'm not a gamer, but this shirt is great.

Star Wars shoes- must own

26 Sculptural Shoe Masterpieces

Every gamer girl needs these hehe

Funny pictures about Chain Chomp earrings. Oh, and cool pics about Chain Chomp earrings. Also, Chain Chomp earrings photos.

Glowing Life Bar Necklace  video game jewelry by CriticalHitShop, $16.00

Funny pictures about Life Bar Necklace. Oh, and cool pics about Life Bar Necklace. Also, Life Bar Necklace photos.

Achievement Locked!

Geeky undies for a sexy wedding night surprise Photos Wedding Ideas