Antwerp Cafe, Paris ~This gorgeous storefront is a perfect example of an inviting space. The bright colors, flowers and plants, and quaint awning all combine to create an inviting space that whispers: "come on in.

Lombard Street, in San Francisco

The Crookedest Street in the World, Lombard Street, San Francisco. When we would visit my Uncle who lived in the middle of downtown San Francisco my Dad would take us down this road.

Right there!

Leah Flores Happy Place x Beach Fleece Throw Blanket. I need this blanket in my life. Halpin you know me so well.

Beautiful! Montana skies are so beautiful especially at night. Montana always calls to my soul.

Earth Pics on

Montana- Star gazing and watching the sky is one of my favorite things in life. I've heard so many stories about how amazing the Montana skies are.

NYC... i love the color areas so easy to see and know where areas are located on manhatten island

Free Manhattan Neighborhood Map - Printable Guides by NYC Neighborhood.


Whale watching in Alaska. This isn't my pic, but it reminds me how awesome it was to see the whales. If you are in Alaska.take a boat and you won't be disappointed. So amazing Our anniversary trip in


Traditional white house with black shutters. My neighbors had a house like this and I always admired it.