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    Joe Brim
    Joe Brim
    Joe Brim

    Joe Brim

    mo' money, mo' problems

    i can dig this. great composition, font, texture, and colors. i like! and great song by the postal service.

    probably my favorite photo ive seen in a while.

    2 facts about me: 1) i'm terrified of cliff jumping. 2) i love cliff jumping.

    jj abrams lens flare. i'll take it.

    any place that reminds me of the shire...i'll pin it.

    aside from the awesome angle and colors of this shot, i'm just curious as to where this is and how it got there.

    morning time shots have a certain allure to them. very cool.

    love the grit and overall composition of this design.

    not usually a fan of this type of stuff, but i sure like this one!

    very curious on how this was accomplished.

    i would kill to be on that boat. wow.

    i couldn't keep my eyes off this photo. i love everything about it.

    cool colors (especially the yellow colors) and composition.

    great find by Jessica Namynanik. great shot and moment captured. awesome composition and film.

    i literally have no idea what this book is about but boy do i like the design. simple but interesting.

    the composition. the fading. the colors. the outfits. all of it. so so perfect. you agree Meghan Vettraino?

    i had no idea places like this existed.