A good idea for the beginning of the year to get to know your students. You can hang them up on your bulletin board to display student work and show who your students are. I would also want to add words to the items bursting out of their heads.

An artist known as 'Lara Lisa' created this piece of art called 'Crazy Woman'. This image is photographed, both of the girl and the image of the street which is replacing her face. This image relates to the 'openings' theme because the street is of an op

zentangle face by Barbara Finwall.... This is a great example of something that I came up with for my students to do last year, but with Gustav Klimt as inspiration, then using self-portraits combined with Zentangles.

On this piece of art, the flowers expanding upwards show the growth of them, this is a juxtaposition as we would only expect flowers to grow from the grown, however as the person is a living thing is connotes that flowers can grow using people