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My creations!!

I like to thing I'm talented. My specialty is watercolors, I have lots of paintings, I'm just too lazy to take pictures and pin them.
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My Art 1 teacher made us do a two point perspective project. The only requirements was that we were to do a castle. I chose to do castle Chenonceau that was built over a river in France. It was due December 22, but I didn't get it finished and had to do it over Christmas break. I turned it in today!!

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I painted this in watercolors for my sister. I've done one like it before, but this is better. It's based off of a Marion Bolognesi peice.

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My Hibiscus flower in Watercolor. Made this with the intention of giving it to a very distant friend, but now I kinda want to use it for my watercolor journal. I must think.

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Starting to dabble in watercolors! This is based off a similar painting by a watercolorist I can't think of at the moment...

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