Save yourself!

If this is your first time watching KDramas leave now! It's far too late for us, but save yourselves!

No way! This is possibly the best thing I've read all day. oh so papoy must mean toy...

"Despicable My": "Despicable My"the directors actually wrote a language for the gibberish the minions speak throughout the movie. they called it "mini


The truth about Friday.

the song Friday is really about the assassination of JFK. who cares about things like 'facts' and 'being correct' and 'history'. pretty sure this song is the new 'true'. I like this song a little better now!


i know i really should not have laughed, but this face swap had me falling out of my chair laughing. like tears rolling down my face, laughing

Life with a cat...And just as I was reading this my cat decides to eat the food out of my hand -.-

Life with/out a Cat. So true, but I love how my life is w/ my kitty (:


Funny picture of a baby and a dirty caption: Last night is a blur. I vaguely remember breastfeeding, and then shitting myself.

Your sex life...

Your sex life...

As it turns out, Angry Birds is a lot like sex. Just don’t call your partner a pig, because their power to put up a barrier of abstinence is like that leve