I laughed too hard

So Kute.........

I present::: commander dog and lieutenant cat! The dog is totally diggin his sweet hat. The cat.

I am laughing way too hard at this!!

The Infamous Chancla In The Wild

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So funny

The 25 Funniest YouTube Comments Of The Year

I really shouldn't be laughing, but. LOL don't microwave a hamster you crazy little girl

Omg im dying!!!!!

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People without allergies be like, "Ahhhh, I love spring! Can you feel it?" and people with allergies: I feel it. LOL Story of my life!

I'm dying.

These pics show that it's hard to handle kids when they are with you at shopping mall. These kids completely broken the shopping. Check 25 meanwhile kids at shopping mall pictures that will make you lol.

It gets funnier the more you watch it.

Funny Japanese Window Cleaner Gif- the more I watch it the harder I laugh!

Funny Animals

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Chandler: You're turning into a woman. Joey: No, I'm not. That's just mean. Chandler: Now I've upset you. What did I say? Joey: It's not what you said.Oh My God, I'm a woman!" Friends TV show quotes

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What makes this even funnier is that I'm from Minnesota and pretty much no one…

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