Machine Stitched Hexagons by Modern Handcraft

Different idea on how to build a Hexie quilt. (Beautifully geometric "Machine Stitched Hexagons" by Nicole Daksiewicz of Modern Handcraft.

How to Make a Homemade Olla

How to Make a Homemade Olla Ollas are unglazed clay pots with a long neck. The premise is simple: Bury the olla near your plants and fill with water. The unglazed clay seeps water into your soil, sending the perfect amount of moisture to your plants.

Automatic watering system.

Drip bottle irrigation Grow vegetables with 10 times less water with "Solar Drip Irrigation.” This is how we can eliminate completely the evaporation losses while recycling plastic bottles!

How a Self-Regulating Syphon Works

How a Self-Regulating Syphon Works

Self-regulating watering system by gkaneto

In short: this method uses the technology of some bird water bottles (like this). Additionally, you'll also use some communicating vessels. The basic idea is.

DIY greywater: DIY deep-watering system

About the time I was first setting up my current garden, 9 years ago, I read about an ancient Chinese clay urn method of watering.

Build An Automatic Plant Watering System

Build a Self-Regulating, Automatic Plant Watering System with a Plastic Bottle and a Tray. Basically making one of those plant watering globes.