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Malcolm Guite Recommends Five Books of Poetry from Last Five Decades | About Us | Regent College
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19 New Books You Should Read in 2019 – Courtney B Ellis
12 Fiction Books that will Shape Your Theology: If you don't use novels to enrich your spiritual life, you're missing out. |


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Modern Art and the Life of a Culture: The Religious Impulses of Modernism (Studies in Theology and the Arts)
Contemporary Art and the Church: A Conversation Between Two Worlds (Studies in Theology and the Arts)
For the Beauty of the Church: Casting a Vision for the Arts


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Global Gospel: An Introduction to Christianity on Five Continents: Douglas Jacobsen: 9780801049934: Books
This three-volume work comprises over eighty essays surveying the history of Scottish theology from the early middle ages onwards. Written by an international team of scholars, the collection provides the most comprehensive review yet of the theological movements, figures, and themes that have shaped Scottish culture and exercised a significant influence in other parts of the world.
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A Shorter Guide to the Holy Spirit - Anthony C. Thiselton : Eerdmans


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Why Study the Past? - Rowan Williams : Eerdmans
Seeing God: The Beatific Vision in Christian Tradition: Hans Boersma, Andrew Louth: 9780802876041: Books


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Participating in Christ: Gorman: 9781540960368: Books
The Hope of Israel: The Resurrection of Christ in the Acts of the Apostles: Brandon D. Crowe: 9780801099472: Books
Jesus, Sin, and Perfection in Early Christianity


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Every Spanish-speaking country in Latin America and the Caribbean has its own national representation of the Virgin Mary who is credited with helping to spread Christianity. None of these is more prominent than the Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of Mexico. According to tradition, the Virgin appeared to a man named Juan Diego on the Hill of Tepeyac, just outside Mexico City, four times in 1531.
The Oxford Handbook of Mary offers an interdisciplinary guide to Marian Studies, including chapters on textual, literary, and media analysis; theology; Church history; art history; studies on devotion in a variety of forms; cultural history; folk tradition; gender analysis; apparitions and apocalypticism.
Theologies of Guadalupe: From the Era of Conquest to Pope Francis


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The Wisdom of the Liminal - Celia Deane-Drummond : Eerdmans
The Revelatory Body - Luke Timothy Johnson : Eerdmans
The Theological Anthropology of David Kelsey - Gene Outka : Eerdmans

Theological Anthropology

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The Dangers of Christian Practice: On Wayward Gifts, Characteristic Damage, and Sin: Lauren F. Winner: 9780300215823: Books
The Oxford Handbook of Ecclesiology (Oxford Handbooks)
Asian Christianities: History, Theology, Practice (The Edward Cadbury Lectures): Peter C. Phan: 9781626980938: Books

Ecclesiology and Practices

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Furthering Humanity: A Theology of Culture - Kindle edition by T.J. Gorringe. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @


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The Future of Ethics: Sustainability, Social Justice, and Religious Creativity
The Freedom of a Christian Ethicist: The Future of a Reformation Legacy

Christian Ethics

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Foucault, Art, and Radical Theology: The Mystery of Things (Routledge New Critical Thinking in Religion, Theology and Biblical Studies)
A Theological Aesthetics of Liberation: God, Art, and the Social Outcasts

Theological Aesthetics

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Worship as Repentance - Walter Sundberg : Eerdmans
The God We Worship - Nicholas Wolterstorff : Eerdmans

Liturgical Theology

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There are two driving questions informing this book. The first is where does our moral life come from? It presupposes that considering morality broadly is inadequate.  Instead, different aspects need to be teased apart. It is not sufficient to assume that different virtues are bolted onto a vicious animality, red in tooth and claw. Nature and culture have interlaced histories.
A Primer in Ecotheology: Theology for a Fragile Earth (Cascade Companions): Celia Deane-Drummond: 9781498236997: Books
Fragile World: Ecology and the Church (Studies in World Catholicism): William T. Cavanaugh: 9781498283403: Books

Ecology and Creation Care

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At the time of his death in the autumn of 2017, Robert W. Jenson was arguably America's foremost theologian. Over the course of a career spanning more than five decades, much of Jenson's thought was dedicated to the theological description of how Scripture should be read-what has come to be called theological interpretation. In this rapidly expanding field of scholarship, Jenson has had an inordinate impact.
Bible and Poetry in Late Antique Mesopotamia: Ephrem's Hymns on Faith (Christianity in Late Antiquity Book 5) - Kindle edition by Jeffrey Wickes. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @
Open and Unafraid: The Psalms as a Guide to Life: W. David O. Taylor: 9781400210473: Books

On Scripture

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The Cross, the Gospels, and the Work of Art in the Carolingian Age: Beatrice E. Kitzinger: 9781108428811: Books Binding the Absent Body in Medieval and Modern Art: Abject, virtual, and alternate bodies (9781472459367): Emily Kelley, Elizabeth Richards Rivenbark: Books The Art and Architecture of the Cistercians in Northern England, C.1300-1540 (Medieval Monastic Studies) (9782503581934): Michael Carter: Books

Art and Architectural History

15 Pins Making Believe: Questions About Mennonites and Art (9780887558573): Magdalene Redekop: Books
This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations.With the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire increasing numbers of educated people converted to this new belief.
Christina Rossetti (1830-94) is regarded as one of the greatest Christian poets to write in English. While Rossetti has firmly secured her place in the canon, her religious poetry was for a long time either overlooked or considered evidence of a melancholic disposition burdened by faith. Recent scholarship has redressed reductive readings of Christian theology as repressive by rethinking it as a form of compassionate politics.

On, For or By Artists

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Conversations with Wendell Berry (Literary Conversations Series)
A Study Guide for Wendell Berry's "The Peace of Wild Things" (Poetry for Students)
The Place of Imagination: Wendell Berry and the Poetics of Community, Affection, and Identity

Wendell Berry

33 Pins Church and Patronage in 20th Century Britain: Walter Hussey and the Arts (Histories of the Sacred and Secular, 1700-2000) eBook: Peter Webster: Kindle Store

Theology and Architecture

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We are surrounded by a world that talks, but we don't listen. We are part of a community engaged in a vast conversation, but we deny our role in it.In the face of climate change, species loss, and vast environmental destruction, the ability to stand in the flow of the great conversation of all creatures and the earth can feel utterly lost to the human race. But Belden C.
The Dangers of Christian Practice: On Wayward Gifts, Characteristic Damage, and Sin by [Winner, Lauren F.]
Living the Sabbath: Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight (The Christian Practice of Everyday Life)

Christian Formation and Spirituality

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Creation and the God of Abraham
Since the Beginning
For the Love of All Creatures - William Greenway : Eerdmans

Trinity and Creation

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Through a study of the church of Santa Prassede, Mary M. Schaefer offers a compelling examination of the ''golden ages'' for women active in ecclesial ministries, critically measuring feminist claims and providing evidence contrary to the official Roman position that women have never been ordained in the Catholic Church.
Central to the lives of the religiously committed are not simply religious convictions but also religious practices. The religiously committed, for example, regularly assemble to engage in religious rites, including corporate liturgical worship. Although the participation in liturgy is central to the religious lives of many, few philosophers have given it attention.
Ethical Formation in Christian Worship investigates worship and formation in view of Christian anthropology, particularly union with Christ. Traditions which value justification by faith wrestle to some degree with how to describe and encourage ethical formation when salvation and righteousness are presented as gracious and complete. The dialectic of law and gospel has suggested to some that forgiveness and the advocacy of ethical norms contend with each other.

Christian Worship

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I'll Be Your Mirror: St. Andy Warhol, Holy Fool - Image Journal
The Arts as Witness in Multifaith Contexts (Missiological Engagements): Roberta R. King, William A. Dyrness: 9780830851065: Books

Theology and the Arts

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Beauty, bodily knowledge, and desire have emerged in late modern Christian theology as candidates to reorient and reinvigorate reflection.
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The Iconic Imagination, Douglas Hedley

Theology and Imagination

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