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This has been on my mind a lot lately. If you can't look me in the eye, it is harder to learn to respect you.

"Eye contact is way more intimate than words can ever be." "What if you experienced eye contact that moved your soul, but you missed your chance to speak? Eyes are the window to the soul.


Funny pictures about When people complain about my driving. Oh, and cool pics about When people complain about my driving. Also, When people complain about my driving.

When a bullet hits a wall... it's astounding. I watched it about fifteen times before pinning it.

When a bullet hits a, that's how a bullet looks? I'm sorry, but I just never realized how bullets looked.


The new FRIEND! Ahhhhh nooooo what happppppeeeeennned! The blender's face though. I don't think I can make smoothies ever agaaaaain

So funny!

there are guys in my dorm who decided to play cards in the elevator see what intrigues me about college isnt the intellectual pursuit or the bonding or whatever, its the fact that people have the freedom to do random stuff like this

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HAHAH i totally do this..

Two trips are for pansies.Living on the second floor of an apartment my whole life taught me this motto.

Men's Haircut 2013

Men's cut: Use clippers. Do a 3 on the bottom and a 7 on top. Blend the two together with shears. Come In every weeks to get a trim. Products to use: Eufora Firm Hold Gel mens hairstyle

Mens short hairstyles images

What are the latest trends in men's hair this season? The men’s short hairstyles 2015 are the best options for working guys. Although these hairdos are short.