We only have each other. It's just you and me. What are we gonna do?- FIRST OFF, PINNER BEFORE ME, HOW DARE YOU- secondly, NO, PINTEREST, I DON'T CARE THAT I PINNED THIS BEFORE!

Do you wanna steal a TARDIS? - Do you wanna build a snowman parody. I love this! His face cracks me up!

My doctor <3

Trip of a lifetime. Tom Baker is the first doctor I was introduced to, but Christopher Eccleston is the first in my lifetime.


When you say "mobile phone" why do you point at that blue box? Because it's a surprisingly accurate description.

Doctor Who. Oh River

Go build a cabinet…

Funny pictures about Go build a cabinet. Oh, and cool pics about Go build a cabinet. Also, Go build a cabinet.

I love that Martha and Jack bond over their mutual one-sided love of the Doctor. #DoctorWho

Martha’s face. And also my life. Its always a blonde haha

How can I not pin this?

[Image - 532713]

The Doctor is a Disney Princess<<<or is rapunzel a time lord? Or did the Doctor take Rapunzel on an unforgettable journey to see the floating lanterns and pick up a few tricks along the way? Head canon: Flynn rider is the Doctor

Rory's best line ever.

"Rory's best line ever." - Another pinner wrote Me: Rory's got a point, poor Rory he's died total of 7 times before the end of this episode

love this line :D

The Doctor: "I'm Amy's imaginary friend. But I came anyway." If any Whovian comes in late to my wedding reception, I would hope they'd remember to quote this.

I want the Doctor to be my science teacher! Imagine the Doctor teaching you chemistry! If it was Eleven, he'd just want to blow everything up. Ten would be very careful and precise. Nine would just throw random chemicals in together