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How to Discipline a Toddler Who Deliberately Disobeys

What do you do when your toddler disobeys you on purpose? Here are techniques on how to discipline a toddler who doesn't listen and deliberately disobeys you.


Dish Soap Silly Putty

This dish soap silly putty is so EASY! You can whip up a batch in less than 5 minutes using two simple ingredients you likely have in your kitchen already.


Setting Boundaries for your Attention-Seeking Child

Do you feel like you need to play with your child constantly? Or, do you feel like no matter how much time you spend with them it's never enough? Connecting with your kids is important, but setting boundaries is also key. Learn how to balance both!

32 Awesome No-Knit DIY Yarn Projects

The Busy Parent's Guide To Making This An Epic Summer With Your Kids

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