Swallows Nest Sea Castle, Crimea

Swallows Nest Sea Castle - Crimea, Ukraine This is the most beautiful castle in the world. The castle was built between 1911 and on top of ft) high Aurora Cliff

Castle of the Templars, Ponferrada

Templar Castle – Ponferrada, Spain [Ponferrada is the capital city of El Bierzo in the Province of León, Spain. It lies on Sil River and . Ponferrada is also noted for its Castillo de los Templarios, a Templar castle]

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Avengers!!!! A massive new adoration for the Avengers with real life actors

Avengers Assemble The Avengers vs. the new Zodiac! One of the greatest Avengers villains gets reinvented for the Modern Age! A perfect jumping-on point featuring the cast of the summer blockbuster in Marvel Universe!

Movie: Marvel AVENGERS Releases 6 New Behind-the-Scene Photos

Director Joss Whedon & Chris Hemsworth as Thor - Behind the scenes of 'The Avengers' set.