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    QR Codes for Dummies

    QR Codes we love and hate from the author and technical editor (@nolandhoshino) of QR Codes for Dummies.

    QR Codes for Dummies

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    QR codes aren't useless after all, study says Nielsen finds nearly half of the consumers it surveyed like using quick response codes on their phones to buy things in stores.

    German automaker Mercedes-Benz is improving the diagnostic capabilities of emergency personnel with a QR code sticker on every new vehicle that relays internal and external information. The QR code stickers are located in areas that are statistically unlikely to sustain damage during an accident so that respondents can quickly gauge the situation. As companies find new ways to leverage QR codes, the young technology may find its stride in practical purposes.

    Wall of QR Codes.

    Mattel and Walmart are ramping up a QR code-driven virtual toy store program first introduced last year with more locations around Canada to help commuters shop for gifts this holiday season. The virtual toy stores are located in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and on trains. The stores will run for four weeks, enabling commuters to purchase some of the season’s most popular toy gifts by scanning a QR code with their smartphones.

    Restaurant chain Denny’s is continuing to rely on augmented reality and QR codes with Warner Bros. movie “The Hobbit” this holiday season with a campaign that integrates social media. The new promotion also includes a strong social element giving The Hobbit fans a chance to win exclusive gold coins from the latest installment of the trilogy on Denny’s social channels. The strategy builds off of last year’s promotion, which featured QR codes and delivered over 400,000 engagements.

    Another one bites the dust. Microsoft Tag has been given two years to live.

    QR-like codes can be hand-drawn on any surface The Graffiti Codes project aims to turn doodles into data-carrying signals that can be read by smartphones.

    Data Dive: QR Codes

    For several years sweethearts have been attaching love padlocks to the fence between the sidewalk and the tracks on Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne. The agency added 3,500 combination locks to the bridge representing women trapped in a forced marriage. Each padlock had a QR Code which when scanned resolved to a mobile site that gave people the opportunity to donate and then receive the number code to open the lock and ‘free a woman’.

    NFC vs QR Codes vs Augmented Reality

    The Findables Case takes that idea to heart by emblazoning a unique QR code on each hard-plastic shell, the idea being to use that code to share information about yourself or help recover your lost phone. In other words, your case can now take the place of your business card, while at the same time offering good Samaritans a means of contacting you


    In restaurants and bars across the country, mobile users will be able to scan QR codes on Samuel Adams posters and signs to access more information and personal stories about the various small businesses involved in the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program. The program is designed to help small business owners through loans and coaching.

    The death of QR Codes?

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    7 Reasons for sQRing your school

    QR Code in annual report of NACME that links to a thank you from a student.

    Preparation des cake pour un qrcode cake !!


    GNC is seeing some of its QR code campaigns result in more than a 40 percent redemption rate, showing how the channel can be effective for retailers when there is a high value attached in exchange for scanning.

    GNC is seeing some of its QR code campaigns result in more than a 40 percent redemption rate, showing how the channel can be effective for retailers when there is a high value attached in exchange for scanning.

    There is a QR code located on the Valentine’s Day box of donuts that enables users to send a Krispy Kreme Valentine e-card to someone special. The donuts are available now through Feb. 14 at the Krispy Kreme display inside participating mass merchants and grocery stores.