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lol bts

(I'VE FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING) And, i think JH would have been able to communicate his thoughts! --> I think Rapmon went back to Korea, struggles with the passport.


*dies*<<<<I was eating muffins and I was holding one and when I saw this it just split in half and fell on my plate.

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RapMonster- this man looking like a full course thanksgiving meal with that bomb ass potato salad and some good ass juice with a piece of that chocolate cheese cake 😭

Bland Marvel Headcanons. This is sad, but I want a fanfic

Bland Marvel Headcanon - Steve may be his best friend, but it's Clint who really helps Bucky start to heal and recover, because he knows what it's like to be brainwashed, to have someone steal control

Loki making 'rock on' hand gesture. Photos…

Loki making 'rock on' hand gesture. Photos…<---actually he's making the 'I love you' gesture for signing. The Rock on gesture is the pointer finger and the pinky finger only.