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If my ceiling fan could hold my weight, I would never be bored again. ...Or I would just look incredibly awesome while being bored... Either way I win ;)


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Yesterday you said tomorrow ... now is the time to commit to being fit! Apple Athletic Club can help! LIKE us on Facebook ( or go to our website ( 2030 Jennie Lee Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Terry’s Top 10 New Years Resolutions (maybe) | ADD Consults

Stay off the tracks. The tracks are only for trains. If you can read this, you are not a train. sherlocksdemonhuntingtimelord: alegbra: breaking news: illiterate people are actually trains in disguise. do not trust them and now, the ...

But you’ll never be one if you don’t practice

Nope, I can't. "This card entitles the holder to be excused from a socially awkward or anxiety provoking situation of their choosing without explanation, guilt, or social sanction." (INFJ) (Ha ha!)

You are not free. : Photo