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Johanna Jouppila
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어두운 배경에 기능부에 밝은 칼라를 사용하고 다소 빛나는듯한 느낌을 주었는데 눈에는 잘들어오는것 같으나 지너치게 튀는부분이 있지않은가 싶다 어두운 방에서보면 눈아플것같다.

Logic iOS Kit based on native Sketch features, like Shared Styles, Text Styles and Symbols. We call it Core of Logic. This features allows you to easily change various settings of your design throughout the project immediately.

Ознакомьтесь с этим проектом @Behance: «On Veggy - Multipurpose E-commerce App UI Kit»

On Veggy - Multipurpose E-commerce App UI Kit

set time 조작 UI이다. 파스텔톤의 색상과 인포그래피등에 알맞는 조작화면을 보여주는 것 같다.

The only thing this image illustrates is semi-flat design to highlight one element on the screen against the flat backdrop.

Free Modern UI Elements for GUI Screens #freepsdfiles #freepsdgraphics #freepsdmockups #freebies

New highly useful Photoshop and Illustrated free PSD files for web and graphic UI designers.

Ôasys UX/UI, design and rebrand on Behance

and rebrand : Design and development of the OS, UX/UI and user experience of Ôasys, an intelligent device that monitors your water consumption at home. Project that includes rebranding, custom made iconographic system, interactivity de

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ec1bbf06cd54453dba8d275d9ed094938b92d33b1a6680-8MD2I3_fw658 (658×2463)

Pokemon GO UI Elements

Sketch App free sources, Pokemon GO UI Elements resource, for Sketch App. Pokemon GO UI Elements Sketch file freebie.

Kama - Mobile UI Kit by on Creative Market

Data visualization infographic & Chart Kama Infographic Description Kama - iOS UI Kit on App Design Served