Squirrel Buster bird feeder

Standard - Brome Bird Care


Shasta daisies bloom over a long period, from early summer until fall, forming tidy clumps from 2 to 3 feet tall and up to 2 feet across. The bright flowers contrast nicely with the glossy, dark green foliage, livening up any garden bed. The flowers are also suitable for cutting.

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I really like the screen design for these raised beds. You gotta keep out those critters... Also more good gardening tips on this site.

Silver Springs Community¤ GARDENING


Great gardening idea for raised bed boxes for a green house or to keep pests out!

First A Dream: The Garden


TOP 10 Tips on How To Grow Your Ginger Indoors Top Inspired


MUST Pin tutorial for How to Build a Container Garden! Grow your own Vegetable Garden this summer using a Raised Bed Container Garden // 3 Little Greenwoods

DIY Container Garden - Planning and Construction


How to plant root bound plants: Make numerous downward cuts so that the circular roots are cut. Remove any brown or black roots, which are most likely dead. Keep the white roots, which are alive. ‘Massage’ the root ball of your plant, which will help loosen the roots even more. Plant your plant and its ‘freed roots’ in a larger pot or in the ground. The newly cut roots will grow outward and your plant will start growing again. And that’s all there is to fixing a root-bound plant.

Alternative Gardning: How to plant root bound plants


How to Grow Orchids • Great tips and Ideas!

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Keep Your Lucky Bamboo Lucky And It Will Take Care Of You. Why it looks so easy to keep yet you kill it over and over. Here are the secrets of keeping it alive and bring peace, harmony, weath, love and happiness to your home.

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Growing vegetables from food waste is a great lesson for kids and also makes great science experiments!!

Food That Magically Regrows Itself from Kitchen Scraps


Grow lemon seeds. Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house.

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To decorate your garden as Mother Nature would, scatter wildflowers native to your area. Easy to plant and grow, they'll lavish the ground with color in practically no time.

15-Minute Garden Projects


Queen Anne's Lace

wild carrot for the Shabby chic garden


How to Grow and the Benefits of Queen Anne’s Lace


You Can Grow Blueberries | The Paleo Mama

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always helpful to know this

6 Things That Will Keep Bad Bugs Out Of Your Garden


The Ultimate Rhubarb Guide: Grow, Harvest, Cook & Preserve - An Oregon Cottage

The Ultimate Rhubarb Guide: Grow, Harvest, Cook & Preserve


Avoid killing your succulents- 7 tips from the experts

How to avoid killing your succulents: 7 tips


How to control aphids with homemade lemon pesticide

How to control aphids organically


Follow This One Tip In Your Garden & Get A Ton Of Organic Strawberries!

Follow This Tip In Your Garden & Get A Ton Of Organic Strawberries!


It’s time to start filling in the flower beds with annuals. If you are one of those people who don’t have the time to devote to daily watering, then these annuals are for you. As long as you give them sufficient water soon after planting these flowers can withstand poor moisture conditions. 1.Angelonia 2. Zinnia... Read More » ❤️

Top 10 Drought Tolerant Annuals - Creative Cain Cabin


This might look nice under my garage window. All I need is water source.

Planned Gardens - Three Seasons of Beauty Garden


Plants that will attract birds to your yard and provide winter color

Tip: Landscaping That's for the Birds


10 Houseplants That Ease Stress, Purify Your Home, And Are Impossible To Kill

10 Houseplants That Ease Stress, Purify Your Home, And Are Impossible To Kill