Johannes Zurwesten

Johannes Zurwesten

Johannes Zurwesten
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Unique "Dripping Liquid" Porcelain Mug

Handmade Creative Ceramic Blue Flow Glaze Mug Round / Irregular Porcelain Cups White / Brown Coffee Milk Mugs

Asobi Isle Lounge Sofa

Asobi Isle Lounge is an iconic piece of furniture, a sofa large enough to seat several people in comfort.

Know  your knives

Types Of Kitchen Knives List Chart/Graph. I once told someone that a certain knife was a bread knife. Since she was older than i, she treated me like i didn't know what i was talking about. It must have made her feel better.

Pepe Heykoop

Skin Collection by Pepe Heykoop Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop has created this collection of furniture by covering an assortment of old chairs in odd scraps of leather.

Glass with gold leaf

'Gold Spill' tumbler by Hanne Enemark DIY- I can make these simply by adding a drop of home paint and finishing it off with the blow dryer.

Tubes // Cherry Turquoise Etched

Part of the Tubes series, this otherworldly-like set of glassware feels remnant of something from outer space. Gorgeous colors are smoothly dispersed on each piece, radiating beautiful hues. Arrange them however you like, whether individually or i.