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Feed Your Face – Foods For Healthy Skin:   Eat Your Way To Beautiful Skin. Cadette eating for beauty badge

Banana Face Mask Recipe- 4 different banana facial recipes. Wrinkle removal facial -use twice a week.

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Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. Foods to promote healthy hair. Hair Growth Foods: The right food for hair growth is one of the most amazing hair growth tips ever.

Foods for Energy. Eating for Beauty CAdette Badge

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy, Melt Fat, and Heal Your Body Without Spending Hours in the Kitchen OR Becoming a Fanatical Health.

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12 Foods You Can Eat For Energy food fitness energy healthy weight loss health healthy food healthy living eating fat loss food hacks metabolism good to know health hacks

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ANTI-CANCER FOODS - 7 Alkaline Foods - Liver Cleansing Diet Foods That Alkalize The Body. Cancer cells can not grow in an alkaline environment. Liver cleansing raw food anti cancer diet recipes for a healthy liver.

Insomnia and stress can be caused by deficiencies in certain nutrients. The foods that we eat can help us to gain those nutrients and help us sleep.

Stressed Out - Having Trouble Sleeping - Links to nutrient deficiencies and the foods you should eat to help alleviate those deficiencies.

Foods That Can Make You Angry:  Here is an interesting fact: the foods that you love eating could be the very thing adversely affecting your mood, making you angry and depressed. We all are well aware of the numerous stresses that come with everyday life. However, the foods that you may be consuming could be making you a little more sensitive to these stresses, therefore causing you to snap at even the most smallest issue so easily. Thus, creating an unhappy, grumpy and angry you.

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9 Foods to Help You Sleep | Eating Well • cause • food • foods • foods that make you sleep better • high • hormones • How to Sleep Better: Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep • nights • sleep • Sleep Better: Eat These 5 Foods • sleepless • ways to help sleep better Eating for Beauty CAdette Badge

Better sleep … we all crave it, but few of us actually get it. By now, we all know the benefits of it and the drawbacks of not enough. This month is Better Sleep Month so resolve to get a better night’s sleep. You deserve it!