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Vashta Nerada cosplay. Well I would run in terro- nope, I would stay right where I was, so maybe I wouldn't die so fast.


Scarecrow | WonderCon 2013 - Again, totally destroys the "I'll put a sack over my head & call it a day" scarecrow from Batman Begins movie.


Probably one of the best Doctor Who cosplays of all time... Seen at Supernova Sydney, 23/6/13 - Imgur


Sword tutorial @Wendy Felts Kurtz -So if one of you actually makes a sword, you'll have to be sure and let me know, hehe...


Jamie!Garnet cosplay in progress! Getting box and mop ready AND BAM perfection. (Ill take it down later if I need to)

The Clockwork Men cosplay! I wonder if I could make this in a year for Oz comicon next year...

Hmmm... Wonder if it will work with my partials? Anybody? Don't want to accidentally break off my fake teeth doing this. They're expensive.